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Oh, for goodness sakes...don't worry about it. We have been living in our Rv in the winter for 10 years. Now we own a park model and are tempted to say "Good Night John" when we go to bed at night. We live very close to our neighbors. Seniors and younger adults are very "broad minded" when it come to sex. We kid and tease about it. But we all know that we are sexual active adults. It works just fine. You don't have to park in the far corner to make love to your husband or friend. If people are offended they can move to the far corner.



Jaimie Hall-Bruzenak

Thanks for your comment and matter-of-fact way of looking at it. What would you do in a hotel? An RV is slightly more private than that.

I do prefer parking a distance from RV neighbors, but that is mainly because I like some privacy and prefer not to be looking into the neighbor's window. That's any day.


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